Monday, 5 October 2015

2 months old!

Thomas is already 2 months old!  I guess I didn't get into details about his birth story, but the basic gist of it is that we were waiting and waiting and waiting...  We got bumped numerous times and got into the OR 9, yes NINE hours after our scheduled time.  That wouldn't have been so bad except that I couldn't eat so I was STARVING.  My last food was 6:30am and then I had the surgery at almost midnight (11:40). After that, of course it took a few hours before I was supposed to eat, but I was so hungry I ate a sandwich about an hour after surgery.  I think Thomas was hungry too because he was NOT happy when he came out.  Well, fast forward to 2 months later, and he's a pretty chill little guy.  You know, most of the time...  He's still a newborn after all, so he has his daily fussy times too.  He sleeps pretty well, though, for a newborn.  I am getting used to his name and no longer spend time worrying about it not suiting him.  His looks are also changing, and he is smiling more, which is very gratifying.  His smile is wonderful, and he is making lots of noises like he's trying to talk.  It's really amazing.  I have started going to a few baby classes with him:  Lullabies and Laprhymes, Rainbow Songs, Baby massage...  This was the part I really enjoyed about Mat leave with Joseph, too.  What I like less is how behind in my own personal stuff I am getting (and can never catch up on) such as keeping the house organized, personal care like pedicures or massages, even shopping is difficult when you have a newborn in tow.  I have done a bit of online shopping to compensate from my lack of ability to go to many stores. 

  Just born!

Here's sweet Thomas at 1 month old.

2 months old!!

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 His great new smile!!


  1. Both of your boys are so darling!! Love his new little smile! Those first few months are so hard. Best of luck to you!

  2. Good to see an update from you. Beautiful photos of your sons. Your baby has your husband's smile!