Friday, 10 July 2015

39 weeks +3 days... no baby yet!

Ok, so I guess this baby is not coming early after all.  I was kind of hoping that because of his large size that he would be out by now...  I had a few prelabour signs, but now all is calm and aside from being really big, I feel nothing.  It's weird because yesterday I felt so much pressure, I was sure my water would break with one sudden movement (and it very well could have).  I have a bit of an inner conflict of wanting labour to start and NOT wanting it to start.  Every day I try to organize things around the house a little more, and I know when the baby comes that progress will stop and focus will be on baby.  The baby's room is still not set up, but at least all the construction and painting are done.  The closet is almost completely purged of the junk formerly stored there, and just the plates need to be put on the electrical outlets to finish the room off.  The furniture in the room consists of one dresser and one side table, so not exactly fully functional as a room.  We are still undecided on which chair to get, whether to get another change table or just try to reuse Joseph's (which he is still using), and we plan to put the crib in there but only once we get a toddler bed for Joseph, which we haven't done yet.  We could get that done this weekend if the baby doesn't come first... 
Anyway, we have the little bassinet set up in the bedroom, and the pack and play in the downstairs living room area, so I think we're ok even without a "nursery" for now.  One day it will get done and I'll post a picture.  I can only post the "before" picture now.  This was a few weeks ago:

So at least now the wall is back together and has been plastered and repainted.  Here is Joseph trying out the baby's bassinet.  I told him it was the baby's new bed.  He insisted on leaping into it, saying "No, this is Jojo's bed!"  Does he actually remember that he slept in this when he was a baby?

Some friends came by and dropped off a baby swing.  Joseph also has tried that out and wants to sit in it every day now.  He loves that thing!  Of course it is being pushed to the limit on the weigh restriction, and may break before the baby gets to use it.  He has figured out how to turn on the controls himself, with the lights, music, and swinging.  Here he is swinging, eating a bowl of dry cereal and watching his show on TV.  It's like a toddler's lazy boy chair. 
Now in the morning when he wakes up he even says "I want to go downstairs, I want to go in the swing!"  And he cries when we say that's enough, come to the table to eat.  I'm not sure we are going to be able to use this thing with the baby...

I am glad to be done work now, so I'm just getting antsy waiting for labour to start.  On Wednesday I had an OB appointment, and she said I was still at 1-2cm dilated (same as the check at week 38).  She did a membrane sweep.  After that I felt lots of pressure/ pain in cervix area, and as I said I thought maybe my water would break, but now a few days later I don't feel much at all. 

I guess a bit more waiting.  At least I finally got my hospital bag packed, after procrastinating about that. 

My mother left town as soon as my mother in law came back from her trip.  She was glad to be relieved of her duty as possible caregiver-on-call to watch Joseph in case I went into labour.  She is also left with looking after taking me off the title of her property, so I will not be implicated in her line of credit for the condo she purchased.  My cousin was in a situation that she was on the title of her mother's property, and they needed to sell to have money to put her in a retirement residence (a place where my mother SHOULD be going, but she chose this condo instead).  She did it in such a way that she did not have to pay capital gains since she was put on title for estate planning purposes only, and did not get any of the money from the sale.  Hopefully we can do the same, because the capital gains would be a killer for this property.  I told my mom to talk to my cousin's lawyer, but she wants to talk to her own first.  I am leaving this in her hands, I just don't want to think about it anymore. 
I guess another option would be to buy out my mom's half and take total ownership of the cottage.  But that would mean a big mortgage, plus my mom would probably not really move out and it would be hard to take over from her since she is so bossy, even if it said on paper that it was "our" cottage now.  And taking on that mortgage would mean we really could never move out of our small place in the city, because we would not be able to afford 2 mortgages. 
We would need a mortgage to upgrade our house to a larger one since we want to stay close to work, and the house prices are just crazy here.  I watch shows like "House Hunters" and think, wow, where are these people living that the houses are so cheap, and so nice!  The average house price in my neighbourhood is close to $1M.  And most of the houses are semi-detached.  A house a few doors down from us, that is several feet wider than our house and probably done up nicely inside, was listed at $999K and went for $1.2M.  That is $200K over asking!  So it is crazy here.  On the one hand we would like to sell first, to know what we could get and what our budget is for buying, but then when you go to buy there are bidding wars and "bully offers" (like the one on our street, we never even got to see it on the inside because it was sold a day after the sign went up, BEFORE they did an open house).  What if we sell our house and then lose every bidding war, or miss out on every house because of the crazy fast timing of these sales?  That is why we are kind of stuck here.  Buying a new place would be too stressful of a project right now.  Although the more we wait, the crazier the prices get, so that's something else to consider.  Luckily we bought this place 10 years ago, we would never be able to afford it now.  I don't know who will have the money to buy this place, it is not much house for your money, but the location is good in terms of school district, parks, restaurants, public transportation, proximity to downtown, etc.  It's amazing also how different this housing market is compared to the slow, slow, slow market up where my mother lives.  Like two different planets, really. 

So with thoughts of real estate and lines of credit pushed far to the back of my mind, I sit and wait for baby.  And keep cleaning/ tidying the house to keep myself busy.

Joseph has been going to daycare and they are doing lots of activities there.  That's good because he really tires me out.  He loves being outside and seems to want to run off on me when it is time to go home.  He thinks it's a fun game, and extra hilarious because I can't catch him since I'm too big to really run and/or pick him up. 

Here are some pictures of Joseph at his first Sportball/ soccer class last week. 

Hope everyone else is having a good July!


  1. I saw a post from you and hope it was a baby intro! I totally hear you on the crazy housing market. Things have been going over asking here as well. If we were willing to leave the city we would sell in a heart-beat but I can't deal with the commute. Hope baby arrives healthy and happy soon!

  2. That's funny, I watch Love It or List It and think where do people come up with 3/4 of a mil to buy a house? What do they do? Sheesh! (And I used to live in NYC so I sort of know the answers to these questions and yet still can't believe it!) Hoping for a soon and "easy" delivery!

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