Thursday, 7 May 2015

My pregnancy is boring

That's a good thing.  Really.  I have just been busy with work, etc.  I have a little bit of heartburn, I'm slowing down a bit and have some trouble picking things up off the floor.  I'm tired.  But really, nothing of concern.  This time I even passed the Gestational Diabetes test, which is surprising since last time I was a bit over and had to modify my diet and check my blood 3 times a day.
I hope things continue to be boring.  I have stress in my life, but so far not pregnancy related.  We are doing some renovations on the house and they are going slow.  My mother has got herself into a difficult financial situation with buying a condo before selling her house.  I got dragged into it because she has put a 300K loan against her house and she has my name on the title along with hers.  She had the spare lot up for sale for a year now, with no buyers.  We will leave the lot for sale, and if it doesn't sell soon (I'm sure it won't) then we will put her house (the cottage) up for sale, to solve this disaster.  So no more cottage, that is a bummer.  Especially since my dad built it (and he is now deceased), so there are a lot of memories. 
As for work, we are starting job action on Monday.  We are still getting paid, at this point, so it won't be so bad.
Baby is healthy, so that's a real blessing.  We decided to have a "diaper party", combined with my birthday, to welcome the baby.  I thought it was a bit sad to not have a shower, but we don't need much (compared to with the first one, when we had nothing for baby).  But I think especially since this one is a donor baby, we want to make sure the child feels really wanted and that they belong to the family as much as our full genetic child.  Joseph had a party to welcome his arrival, and so we want something similar for this one too.
Joseph is doing great.  He has a few tantrums now and then, and they are quite impressive.  But generally he is very sweet natured.