Thursday, 30 October 2014


I got a call from the clinic that I have 4 frozen embryos, so one more made it to blast on Day 6.  I don't know what the quality is, but at least they were all good enough to freeze, so that is something.  I took yesterday off from work and rested at home.  I also worked on my report cards and got a whole lot done, so it worked out really well.  I don't think I would be able to have them done on time if I didn't have that time yesterday to work on them. 
I don't feel many symptoms.  My RE has suggested that I alternate PIO (Progesterone in Oil) injections and progesterone suppositories, so I am a little concerned that my body will not register a continuous supply of progesterone coming from different sources.  I hope it doesn't mess up the cycle. 
Other than that, I am supposed to avoid heavy lifting, and I have had to lift Joseph on a couple of occasions, so I hope that is not a problem. 
I feel a lot more relaxed this time, but I wouldn't say I feel very confident it worked, even though the odds are a lot better.  I realized that this is my 6th IVF transfer, and the 10th embryo transferred, and I only have one living child... thus the cynicism.  Imagine if IVF worked 100% of the time - I'd have 4 sets of twins and 2 singletons already!  lol

Things are winding up for Halloween.  We tried on Joseph's costumes, and he was not too pleased with them.  As soon as you go towards him with the costume, he runs away and says "No!  No!..."  Hmmm....   But he did like when we put some furry monster hats on our heads, that amused him a great deal!  We bought a knight costume for him, and a few days later DH's mom showed up with a costume she found in storage from our nephew (who is now 13!  I can't believe they kept this costume from when he was 2) so now he has two to wear this year, apparently.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Transfer Day!

We did the transfer and all went well!  I rested all afternoon and when I first came home actually I think Rogers (our service provider) was down because we had no internet, home phone, or tv!  So I just lay on the couch doing nothing!  It was good. 
So out of the 10 embryos there were 4 doing well and 3 more under observation.  We transferred the best one, which was given a 10/10 score on the embryoscope, and a 1AB rating (different from some other scales because the RE said 1AA is the best rating.  Our last transfer with the other donor, the "good" embryo was a 4BB, which I thought was good but I guess with this scale it is not.)  Of the other embryos, there was one that had 7/10 in the embryoscope rating, 2 that were 4/10, and 3 more that they were going to continue observing so I guess they were still morulas or something.  So basically we had one excellent one, that we transferred, one good one, 2 mediocre ones, and 3 other poor ones (but still alive).  So I feel a LOT better about this transfer, knowing that there are 3 frozen and possibly up to 3 others to be frozen too, if they make it tomorrow.  Obviously our best chance is for the one that was transferred, so I hope this one is it.
DH told me when we got home that while I was having my acupuncture done after the transfer, they asked him to pay to freeze them embryos, so he did.  But I checked my receipts and sure enough, they had already charged us for that and we had paid $800 for embryo freezing on October 2 when we paid for the IVF fees.  So sneaky of them to ask him about it, and what is wrong with them that they don't even know that it is part of the initial bill, and then they charge again on the day of the transfer?  So of COURSE we get referred back to that idiot in the business office, who must do an "audit" of our whole file now.  I can't even get pissed about this, this is my clinic's game that they play and I just told DH, you deal with this and just tell me that it is taken care of.  I don't want to hear about it.  So he is doing that.  But isn't it stupid that they charge us twice, and then instead of just saying oh yes, this is a mistake, they make it into this big "audit" BS, and then when you eventually get your money back, they make it seem like they are doing you a huge favour, like as if they are giving you a big rebate that you don't deserve.  That clinic is just terrible, it never ends! 

 Anyway, I have been trying to not think about any of that and just stay positive.  I feel tired and also my report cards are due in ONE WEEK so I am a bit worried about that (I have not started!).  I didn't work on them today but I think tomorrow I will (I took tomorrow off as well, to rest after the transfer), because all I have is the weekend and then they are due, so I may as well use my day off tomorrow to catch up on that. 

 It was such a nice day today, I switched back to my light jacket.  Unfortunately it rained a bit later in the afternoon when I took Joseph to the park, but it was only a light rain.  We had the park to ourselves since everyone else was scared off I guess.  Joseph loves looking at the Halloween decorations people have put out in front of their houses.  On the way to the park he became mesmerized by this one place that had skulls with lit up eyes and creepy music coming out of it.  We also have 2 books about pumpkins at home and he loves them, he is really starting to understand about Halloween. 

 So DH's sister called today and she wants us to go to dinner on Halloween at 5:30.  This is going to be difficult, making it there after work, and also because we wanted to fit in a very short trick or treating with Joseph before bed time and I don't know if we are going to get back in time.  Plus it is madness to be driving around during Halloween, when all the kids are walking all over the place, and that is when we will be driving home.  But it is her son's birthday, he is now 13, and she is concerned that he doesn't have any close friends and wants to have a family birthday party with a turkey dinner.  So we will go just so he can have a nice birthday, but really what a bummer that his birthday is on Halloween!  We wanted to just do a family dinner on Saturday for him, but he insists on getting together on his actual birthday. 
I wonder what to get him for his birthday also.  As if I don't have enough to worry about, now I have to get a present, by Friday.  What do 13 year old boys like?

I digress...  So I'm feeling a lot better about this transfer.  Just the fact that they froze 3 embryos (even though they charged us twice for that) makes it seem less desperate than last time when it was all or nothing.  Of course, our best chance is with the one that we transferred, because it had the best rating, so if it doesn't work the chances are a lot lower for a FET.  But there is still that possibility, so it makes all the difference.  Plus I only transferred 1 this time, so none of that "oh no I might have twins" stress.  Not that I wouldn't love twins, but just concerned about the complications that may happen. 
My lining was 12mm today, which is down from 14.5mm when it was last measured, but 12mm is just right so I am happy about that.  I did the acupuncture this time, and aside the billing fiasco, there were no incidents.  So I hope this little top quality embryo will do what it is supposed to do and make itself at home in its new environment.  Stick and grow, embie!!  STICK AND GROW!!!  PLEASE!!!  :-)

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Day 3 report

I got a message from the clinic today that of my 10 fertilized eggs, I still have 10 embryos growing and doing really well, so a HUGE relief.  We are going to do a Day 5 transfer on Tuesday.  Last time I also had 10 fertilize, but had only 7 by Day 3, and on Day 5 there were only 2, the others all having arrested.  So I am praying that it does not go downhill like last time.  Most of the embryos stopped on Day 4, so I feel nervous.  Day 4 is tomorrow.  This cycle was a real stretch for us financially, also, but we really wanted to give it one more try with a different donor, after our disappointment last time. 

Friday, 24 October 2014

Fertilization Report

Of the 18 eggs, 13 were mature and 10 fertilized.  I hope they make it to day 5!!!  Nervously waiting for the day 2/3 instructions.  We are having an Embryoscope done instead of PGS, so that will give a time lapse image of the embryos' development that the embryologist can use to see the speed that the embryos develop.  It does not tell you how many chromosomes, but it is also a lot less expensive.  Hopefully the Embryoscope will be useful in selecting the best embryo for transfer, either on day 3 or 5.  DH joked that he wants to keep the DVD of this, and they said actually they do offer it for $50!  Lol.  Well, if it works, then we will buy the DVD.

Thursday, 23 October 2014


The retrieval finally happened!  I know I said it would be mid-October or something like that, but things kept getting pushed back, plus my donor is a really slow stimmer so went 14 days before trigger.  I have been very anxious the past few days.  Yesterday morning when I woke up, I felt so awful I actually threw up, and this is just from bad nerves.  I don't know how I am going to get through the next few weeks.  The good news is that everything went fine for the retrieval, and they got 18 eggs from our donor.  (They weren't going to tell me, but I requested that they let me know).  Is our baby in there somewhere, I hope?  They will let me know the fertilization report tomorrow.  I hope that goes well.  Last time I had 17 eggs and then at the end it was a failure, so I hope this time, with a different donor, the eggs are better quality and it all goes ok, right up to day 5.  So far so good, though!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

21 months

Joseph is 21 months already.  He is talking more, which is very exciting.  He says 2 word "sentences", and has an ever expanding vocabulary.  He loves repeating after you, and loves songs with actions, that he also repeats.  He is saying more French words now too, since he is at a French daycare.  He's finally adjusted to being at daycare, and although he is not fully thrilled with it, he usually has a good day there and I am relieved to see him running around, laughing, when I go to pick him up now, unlike the first days where he was just standing on his own with puffy eyes from crying all day. 
We went to the a farm on the weekend.  Here are a few pictures!

Friday, 3 October 2014

Donor started stims

I think my donor has started stims.  The money was due, and they said the retrieval/ transfer is the week of Oct 13, so I draw that conclusion.  Obviously they are not concerned with keeping me up to date.  Why would I want to know such details?  Seriously. 
I have a new donor nurse and she is not very generous with information. 
So anyway, I guess the good news is that the torture will not be dragged out for months, the cycle is starting and the results either good or bad, will be in sooner than later.   I just hope that everything aligns right this time.