Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Second Ultrasound and Intralipids

Today was my second u/s and it went fine.  I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the heart beating.  I did not know I had a sub-chorionic hemorrhage, but apparently I did last week too, and it has grown larger.  The RE is not concerned, though.  The heartbeat was 169 this time.  I am 7w5d but am measuring 8w1d, so still a bit ahead.
I had my final intralipids IV this morning.  Last time they had trouble getting the IV in, and stabbed either a nerve or a tendon on my hand, which still hurts-- especially when I use the hand, which is all the time.  So I was not looking forward to today's IV.  She got it in without trouble, though.  I'm a bit concerned that my hand is still painful, but hopefully it will heal.  Looking on google doesn't help, there are people with this type of injury that say that 6 years later it hurts more than ever!  Not exactly what I want to hear.  My RE says she doesn't know, she is not a neurologist so there is no way she can help me with it. 
We still have not told our family or friends about the pregnancy.  We go for another u/s next week, and the RE says if that goes well then the risk of miscarriage drops a lot.
Ok, I only took a half day off work, so I have to get going!!

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  1. Hoping for positive results at your next ultrasound, Hugs!