Wednesday, 17 December 2014

4th u/s, sub-chorionic hemmorhage

I went for another u/s yesterday and baby is doing fine at 10w1d.  However, the sub-chorionic hemorrhage is not only still there, but is still getting bigger.  She said last time it would not be a concern unless it was over 4cm, and now it is.  So she wants me to come in next week to check on it again, and has told me to stop lifting and exerting myself.  It's hard, because I need to pick Joseph up every day to get him into the car or the stroller, generally.  I'm really trying to rest more, though, because it is kind of freaking me out that the bleeding won't stop, even though I can't see it, it is pooling in there and this could affect the placenta.  I did my final intralipids yesterday, too.  It was a long morning at the clinic.  I am so tired of that place.  Next week they want us to come in either on Christmas Day or Boxing Day to check on the SCH.  She said if it doesn't get smaller by next week she may put me on complete bed rest, so that is kind of scary.  I still haven't told my family or friends about the pregnancy, which is kind of a bummer.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear this. So glad the baby is doing well though! It must be very stressful to not have family support at this time. And it's the holidays on top of it all. :-/ Thinking of you! xoxo