Friday, 24 October 2014

Fertilization Report

Of the 18 eggs, 13 were mature and 10 fertilized.  I hope they make it to day 5!!!  Nervously waiting for the day 2/3 instructions.  We are having an Embryoscope done instead of PGS, so that will give a time lapse image of the embryos' development that the embryologist can use to see the speed that the embryos develop.  It does not tell you how many chromosomes, but it is also a lot less expensive.  Hopefully the Embryoscope will be useful in selecting the best embryo for transfer, either on day 3 or 5.  DH joked that he wants to keep the DVD of this, and they said actually they do offer it for $50!  Lol.  Well, if it works, then we will buy the DVD.


  1. Yeah for wonderful news!! When I read your last post I giggles a little. I am a throw-up when I'm overly anxious kind of girl too. Not that that's funny, it's just nice to know I'm not alone. Really hoping you get some beautiful little embies this time around!

    1. Hi there! Thanks for the support. yes, I have such bad nerves and it often gets out of control with physical manifestations like chills, nausea, etc. Not fun! Today I feel ok. I know it will be about 10 or so more days of uncertainty before the chips are going to fall whatever way they are going to fall.
      The clinic didn't call me today, so I hope that means that everything looks good enough to NOT do a day 3 transfer, and do a day 5 instead. I think they were supposed to call me if I was to go in on Day 3 (tomorrow). I can't even think about the possibility that they forgot to call, or there is something wrong with all the embryos. I choose to believe that everything is fine, and hopefully I will get a confirmation tomorrow with the Day 3 report.