Friday, 3 October 2014

Donor started stims

I think my donor has started stims.  The money was due, and they said the retrieval/ transfer is the week of Oct 13, so I draw that conclusion.  Obviously they are not concerned with keeping me up to date.  Why would I want to know such details?  Seriously. 
I have a new donor nurse and she is not very generous with information. 
So anyway, I guess the good news is that the torture will not be dragged out for months, the cycle is starting and the results either good or bad, will be in sooner than later.   I just hope that everything aligns right this time. 




  1. Wow so she already had her retrieval. That was fast! How many were retrieved and fertilized?

    1. Hey Jessah! No, the retrieval has not happened yet. This donor is responding more slowly to the stims and also she started them a bit later than I thought. But maybe in a few days! The RE tells me almost nothing, so not much to report. This donor is anonymous but with open id later in life (if I can find her!) so I can't ask her directly either. But the RE did say she has "lots" of follicles, and is "doing well". I tried to ask her how many, but she just said, it doesn't matter how many, it matters how many are retrieved. So frustrating! But I'm hoping for 20 eggs. The donor should trigger tomorrow, Tues, or Wed I think. Hope you are doing well! I hope to have success like you in this process, it is not always easy with so many factors out of one's control and even with donor eggs nothing is guaranteed. Such is life! I am trying not to think about it too much. Thanks for checking in! I should write a post, but I feel like I have not much to say... Hopefully soon things will happen, POSITIVE things, that is! I am just so sick of this infertility BS, so, so tired of it!!! I want off this roller coaster, but I am signed up for one more ride. Will let you know what happens!