Wednesday, 8 October 2014

21 months

Joseph is 21 months already.  He is talking more, which is very exciting.  He says 2 word "sentences", and has an ever expanding vocabulary.  He loves repeating after you, and loves songs with actions, that he also repeats.  He is saying more French words now too, since he is at a French daycare.  He's finally adjusted to being at daycare, and although he is not fully thrilled with it, he usually has a good day there and I am relieved to see him running around, laughing, when I go to pick him up now, unlike the first days where he was just standing on his own with puffy eyes from crying all day. 
We went to the a farm on the weekend.  Here are a few pictures!

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  1. What a beautiful Fall day! Happy 21 months to Joseph. If you have time, check out the giveaway I'm hosting on my blog. Prizes would be perfect for Joseph!!!