Thursday, 24 July 2014

Lining check

After 10 days of no new information, we went in for my lining check.  The pessimist in me was bracing for the worst.  What was happening with the donor?  I haven't heard a peep from her, has she actually been following through and doing all the things that she needs to do?  Is no news really good news, or does it mean they forgot to call and inform us of any bad news? 

Well, it seems all is going well and the donor is "responding really well", she has within the target range of follicles (10-20), and also my lining is looking beautiful at 11mm right now.  She said to continue with the Estrogen patches.  Also my TSH is in good shape at 1.6, so continue on the same dose of Synthroid (0.075mg).  I'm also on Baby Aspirin and Prenatals.  The retrieval will be July 29 or 30 and the transfer Aug 4 or 5.  I think we will do the PGS, but I seem to change my mind about this daily.  The doctor did not remember the details about exactly how many follicles, etc. the donor had, which is annoying, but I was glad to hear that she was feeling positive about the cycle.  Even though I am doing a known cycle, they are still operating like an anonymous one, so the donor's file is nowhere to be seen when I go in, and since the doctor has so many patients she can't remember the specifics offhand.  I just hope what she "remembers" is really about my donor, and not someone else's! 

I am really glad to hear that the donor is already half way done the cycle, just one more week and then it is the retrieval, ending her involvement in this project.  I really don't want to jinx things since the doctor seems so excited and positive, so I won't try to get more details out of the donor at this point, unless she contacts me.  Does it really matter if there are 12 follicles or 18?  Or 23?  It's not like I can do anything about it, in any case.  I do plan to continue contact with her, but I figure there is no real point unless the cycle works, so I will wait and see if that happens.  I have already thanked her profusely for choosing to do this, for helping our family in this way.  If the cycle works I may have some more questions for her about her family, that the child may want to know about, though she has already told me quite a bit.  The problem is that I keep thinking of more questions!  At some point it has to stop.

We got our meds (Doxycyline and Progesterone) and the next time we go in is at the retrieval, next week!

In other news, we have returned home from the cottage.  I got in a fight with my mother about her cluttered kitchen that has no space to put anything, and her expired food that she does not want me to throw out.  We bought some food at the grocery store and there was literally no space to put it away, so I freaked out and started cleaning her kitchen.  The end result is that the kitchen is nice and clean, but she would not speak to me for 2 days.  DH wanted to go home after the first day, and if it weren't for my brother visiting, whom I only see once a year at best, I would have left too.  However, she cooled off and by day 3 she was back to normal, plus the kitchen stayed normal for the rest of the time there, almost 2 weeks.  I don't know if it is generational, but she has this weird thing about food that she buys too much of it, yet feels she can't "waste" it so will not throw out food until it is totally disgusting, meanwhile she keeps buying more food... it is ridiculous!  And I really resent that on my holiday I'm cleaning out someone else's fridge and cupboards, it is just so gross! 

I was so pissed, I took before and after photos of the kitchen.  Here it is, totally gross:

And here it is, after:

Going to visit my mom is always a lot of work.  She is too old to look after her place, so there is always a long list of chores to do to help her out, which can barely be accomplished in the time we spend there.  For example, her boat stand fell over in the wind, so my brother and husband had to rebuild it.

Also, she is trying to sell an adjacent piece of property and it has lots of scrap wood, metal, cinder blocks, etc. piled next to her shed, so they had to clean all that up and take 4 loads of junk to the dump.  Seriously!  Also, she had ordered a pile of rocks to build a rock wall, thinking that my nephew (who is 21) would want to work on that when he was here on holiday last year.  Needless to say, he did not agree that this would be a fun project, so the pile of rocks is still there, and no one has any interest in moving it.  The rocks are sitting on the property she is trying to sell, so I decided that this would be my project, to get rid of that crappy pile of rocks that is doing nothing to add value to the property for anyone coming to look at it.  I was actually pretty pleased with myself, I moved all the small rocks, and there were about 10 million of them, and left only the very big ones for either my brother or someone else to move later.  As tedious and probably pointless as moving a pile of rocks may seem, it actually became almost meditative and I think it really helped keep my mind from becoming overly worried about the donor egg cycle, which I really don't have any control over at this point, other than waiting for news.  Moving a pile of rocks is such a mindless yet satisfying task, difficult yet possible to accomplish with a bit of perseverance and a good pair of gloves.  Of course my mother was totally ambivalent about the fact that I moved her rocks, which she will not admit was a mistake to purchase in the first place.

Here is the pile at the beginning, where it has been sitting undisturbed for 2+ years:

After 2 days of lugging piles of rocks and throwing them on to the rock wall by the water:

After 4 days, this is as good as it will get at this point:

And here is the rock wall where the rocks went (barely visible):

My brother also cleaned out her garage, which was a big project.  He also took one of her really old boats to the dump, to finally get rid of it.  My husband worked a bit on some drywalling that needed completing in the loft of the garage.  This is not generally what you think of when you go to a cottage, but our cottage is more of a work camp and we have to make a serious effort to stop every once in a while and actually relax.  Joseph observed all of this, and was having fun joining in, moving tiny rocks and throwing them in the water, and playing with the frogs and newts that we found when moving the woodpiles, etc.  We also found a tiny garden snake. 

Here is Joseph with a frog:

The water warmed up and we were able to go in swimming. 

Plus my brother took us in the 'J-Craft' boat he rebuild, and we went around the lake and also did some waterskiing (his ultimate goal in rebuilding this boat).

  A moment to relax on the Muskoka chair and eat a cracker!

Having some fun riding Grandma's garden ornament!

And as it happens, our 10th wedding anniversary was also last week, on July 17th, so we went out to dinner with Joe to celebrate.  We had Thai food.  Joseph loved the noodles!
Well, that's the update.  We are back home now, to rest from our "holiday"!  Hoping for good news regarding the retrieval next week.  It's out of our hands, so all we can do is wait and hope. 

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