Thursday, 31 July 2014

Day 3 report

I got a call saying that of my 10 embryos, 7 are still growing and look like they will make it to blast.  So I am on standby for a day 5 transfer on Saturday, or hopefully they will be able to do the biopsy and then a Day 6 transfer on Sunday when they have the PGS results.  I'm still kind of contemplating whether to transfer 1 or 2 embryos.  2 gives better chances, but we really don't want twins or the complications that may occur with twins.  I don't want a BFN either.  Sometimes I feel like I'm choosing just between those two, twins or no baby!

I emailed the donor the day after the retrieval to ask how she was feeling.  She wrote back today saying now she feels ok, but she had felt pretty bloated after the procedure.  She said the meds worked well during the procedure and she didn't feel anything.  That is good.  Also, she thought the nurses were really nice.  She wants to become a nurse and is continuing her studies in the fall to get her nursing qualifications.  Maybe she will become a fertility centre nurse?  I'm glad that she is doing well and it all went fine. 

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