Monday, 14 July 2014

Cycle Day 1

It's cycle day 1 and that means the long awaited donor egg cycle is starting.  I can't help but to feel some dread that something will go awry and the donor is off track, or won't show up, or whatever...  It didn't help that when we went into the clinic our doctor, who just got back from vacation, did not seem to know what was going on and said something like "oh, I guess the donor should be coming in sometime".  Shouldn't she know about this?  I guess the donor nurse coordinates the cycles and the doctor is not fully aware of the schedule?  I thought it was clearly written out somewhere, but I guess not.  Anyway, we will see what will happen.  I start Estrogen patches tomorrow, and I'm also taking baby aspirin and Synthroid, and that's it.  No Lupron?  I guess the doctor knows what she is doing... I hope!  No word from the donor.  Should I email her?  It's a weird situation since I have her contact information, but not sure if I should be bothering her.  She is nice enough, but I don't want her to feel like I'm hounding her.  It's all so strange.  I am just glad that nothing has really gone wrong yet, though plenty of things still could.  I go back into the clinic next week for a lining check. 


  1. Yay! Glad things are moving forward. I would establish with her how often she plans to/feels comfortable with communication with you. Hoping this cycle goes off without a hitch for you!!!

    1. Thanks, Jessah! I feel nervous about contacting her, like I don't want to jinx things. Silly, I know! I'm glad that you have such a good relationship with your donor, that gives you some peace of mind. I'm a bundle of nerves!!

  2. Ekkk! So excited (and nervous) for you. Good luck! Hoping everything moves forward smoothly!