Friday, 13 June 2014

Donor cleared medically

I'm starting to feel hopeful again... maybe this is foolish.  I can't remember where I read about this, but somewhere the cycle of hope/despair which can be applied to a fertility cycle was described as 4 squares/ phases to move through.  Square 1.  Death/rebirth.  This is when the cycle starts/ ends with your period or a pregnancy loss.  A time of sadness and mourning for the failed cycle.  Square 2.  Hope is building. - At some point, moving past the mourning phase and starting to have real hope for the new cycle.  Making a plan, getting a timeline.  That is where I am now!!!  Square 3. Executing the plan.  Doing the "work", for example taking the meds, etc.  Then comes the big question, will you end up in square 4 - success!  The "promised land" (ie. in this case positive pregnancy test, moving forward with your hopes and dreams from this point on), or skipping right past that and landing, kerplop! back on square 1, period arrives and with it an abrupt end of your dreams for that cycle. 
I have been through this cycle and the rollercoaster ride of emotions more than I care to even say. 
I am soooooooo sick of it!
But here I am, trying again.  My donor has just been cleared medically.  This is amazing news, because as a new, unproven donor this was a huge risk that I was getting very involved and attached to someone who may not even been suitable to donate!  She could have been eliminated by her blood tests, etc. so I am glad to move past this hurdle.  Of course there are many other things that could go wrong. 
So now I am just waiting to find out the actual timeline of the cycle.  Maybe late July-ish, as I said before.

Joseph is now 17 months old.  He is doing really well, aside from some bug bites and scraped knees.  He got a bug bite on his eyelid two weeks ago, and now he has another one in the same spot.  The doctor just said to give him a bit of Children's Benedryl to help reduce the allergic reaction.  I wish that eye would heal up, though.  He keeps rubbing it.
He loves being outside.  He takes my hand and says "walk" and pulls me towards the door.  He hands me his shoes and says "out!"   He especially loves playing in the sandbox.  Despite my best efforts, a lot of sand is getting tracked into the house, and we are constantly trying to sweep up the gritty stuff.  It is everywhere! 
He has a lot of words, last time I counted he had 50, but he has added a few more, so now maybe 60.


  1. I'm so glad you're in the hopeful stage. That is where I am as well. It's nice after all the defeat. So happy your donor has been cleared. Hopefully everything else will be smooth sailing.

    1. Thank you! I'm excited to hear about the next steps with your donor, too! Keep me posted! I find this journey lonely, sometimes, so it is nice that someone else also going down the same path.

  2. Yay!!what a great step forward! Wishing you continued good luck.

    1. Thanks, Liz! I hope your little sweetie is doing well.