Wednesday, 25 June 2014

contract completed

Another hurdle has been passed, the dreaded contract has been finalized.  We just need to sign it and that is that.  What a pain that whole process was.  I swear our lawyer had a Jeckyl and Hyde thing going on, she was so nice at our first appointment and was agreeing with everything we said, then later in her emails she was so bitchy and saying that what we are suggesting has no place in a contract, etc.  Anyway, to make a long story short, we have a contract.  It is 16 pages of legal mumbo jumbo, so I'm just so glad that the donor agreed to it, with only one small change (which was probably suggested by her lawyer) to not be legally obligated to respond to a request for contact at age 18, though she does think that she will probably respond.  Fine, whatever.
Our donor has also been so generous in providing us with additional photos of herself as a child.  She is very willing to share her information so we are happy about that, since the profile itself was not extremely detailed.
Our cycle has been set and stims will start in mid July, retrieval at the end of July and transfer at the beginning of August.  I really hope we can stick to this plan, and of course praying for a positive outcome. 
We are taking it one step at a time, and so far so good.  I am on birth control now until July 11th.  Eventually we will need to make a decision about whether to do PGS or not, and if we do not do PGS will we put in 2 embryos or 1.  The RE threw in another option, to use an Embryoscope (if we don't do PGS) and that way they will know which embryo(s) are developing the best.  I'd like to do PGS, but just bummed about our last experience with my eggs, when we had 3 good embryos on day 3, but by the time we waited to day 5 there was only 1 still doing ok, and it was abnormal.  The donor eggs should obviously fare better, but what if the extra waiting for the PGS causes the embryos some harm, and they would have been ok if they were transferred on day 5 instead of waiting for the results and transferring them on day 6.  It is hard on an embryo, even a young and healthy one, to make it to day 6.  However, we did have one that made it before, and that is our Joseph. 
Anyway, it is a lot to think about.

Joseph went on his first canoe ride last weekend.  He really enjoyed it, and loved visiting our friends who have 2 young kids.  The 3 of them had a great time all weekend and Joseph was pretty much ready to move in with them, he loved it so much.  Too bad they live so far away, it is 5 hours by car, not including stops, so quite brutal!! 

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  1. What fun boating trip! Congrats on finalizing your contract. As you know, I never made it to transfer with my own eggs and I worried about the same thing with the PGS. However, I've been assured by my doc that those embies wouldn't have made it even if we'd transferred at Day 3. Of course, we will never know. But we are doing it again with this donor cycle, I'm behind on all my posting but getting caught up quickly. Good luck! Hope both of our BFPs are right around the corner my friend.