Thursday, 10 April 2014

15 months

Joseph is a full blown toddler now!  But I still keep calling him my "baby".  His skills have exploded, I don't even think I can record them all here.  He has started doing so many things that he never did before, and each day he is adding on.  He says lots of words now:  "Baby!" being one of his favourites.  He points to pictures of himself and says "Baby", which is so cute.  He says "Moo!" when he sees a picture of a cow.  He points to his head and says "hat".  He can also say: "Nana" (for banana), "Hi!" (and waves his hand), "Hey!", "Yeah, yeah" (yes),  "Bye!" (and waves bye-bye), "No, no!" (and wags his finger back and forth, thanks to his Auntie for showing him this!), "Mama", "Dada", "up", "Baba" (for bottle-- this is another favourite word), and probably some more that I have forgotten.  He has been pointing at things with his index finger since 12 months.  We haven't gotten too far with sign language, but the pointing certainly helps him tell me what he wants.  He sometimes does the sign for "milk", and "more".  He is understanding more, and will sometimes follow directions, like "bring me that toy" or "show me your nose" (he points to his nose).  I speak to him in French, too, (I am a French teacher) and it is interesting that he can understand and follow directions in French, like "ou est ta tête?" (he will point to his head), but none of his spoken words are French.  Well, I guess "Mama" is somewhat bilingual, and "moo!" for the cow.  He says "Papa" too, so I guess that counts. 
He is able to run now, and loves climbing on the couch in particular.  I have to watch him closely, because he loses his balance and falls down from whatever perch he has clambered up to.  We have two couches, so his favourite thing is to run to one couch and start climbing, then when I go over to "spot" him so he doesn't fall, he climbs down and runs to the opposite couch to start again.  It is tiring keeping up with him!
He loves the park now, especially watching the other kids using the equipment.  He enjoys the slide and the swing, and playing with the sand.  At our park there is also a splash pad in the summer, but for now it is just empty and there are some little cars for the kids to play on, that have been brought and left there by people in the neighbourhood.  At certain times of the day the park is a real hub of activity. 
We are still working on getting him to eat a greater variety of foods.  If he could have his way, he would eat only toast and milk for every meal.  We went to the pediatrician today for his 15 month immunization.  I think it was the Chicken Pox vaccine this time.  He is otherwise healthy and long and lean for his age. 
He is very social, but has his moments of separation anxiety when I try to leave him with someone else even for a short time.  But he's pretty adaptable, so I'm sure when it comes time to put him in daycare he is going to be ok. 
He has 8 teeth that we can see.  I guess his next ones to come in are his molars.  No sign of them yet, but he is sometimes quite drooly/ fussy, so we think he is teething.
Overall, he is doing great, and we love him so much!  We call him our "little koala", because he loves to cuddle and fall asleep while clutching on to you, if he can.  "Jojo" is another nickname that has stuck, it was never our plan to call him that, but it suits him as a term of endearment.
Here are a few more pictures of our sweetie:

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