Thursday, 13 March 2014

Starting IVF #5

We are going to start the stims tomorrow.  The meds are Bravelle 225 and Menopur 75.  It's the same as last time, but I can't help but be bummed that my antral follicle count (AFC) is only 16 this time and last time it was 38.  We only ended up with ONE good embryo after all that, so what are the chances for this time, when I am starting with a lower number?  Plus, my AFC was 28 in January, so what has happened?  I am worried. Maybe we should have done the IVF in January, instead of waiting a few months for my body to "get back to normal" after stopping breastfeeding.  I am second guessing everything at this point. 

We paid the drug deposit of $4000 today, and on Monday we will go in for a check and pay the $9,600 for the procedure.  Gulp.

I feel very on edge, and overly superstitious.  Is it bad luck to tell people about the IVF, or is it bad luck to keep it a secret?  Will I jinx it by being overly optimistic, or will I create a self fulfilling prophecy by focusing on my doubts? 

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