Saturday, 29 March 2014

Embryology report

Retrieval Day:  Of the 6 eggs retrieved, all 6 were mature and suitable for ICSI.
Day 1 post retrieval:  4 embryos out of the 6 fertilized and starting to grow.
Very nervous waiting for the next update.
Day 3 post retrieval:  3 embryos still growing.  The nurse said they were "top quality beautiful embryos", which was reassuring.  She said the doctor is pleased and we will be able to do a biopsy on Monday for PGS testing.  I hope at least one of them is normal after all this.  On Monday I will find out how the biopsy went, hopefully the 3 of them will still be doing ok and survive to that point.  Then on Tuesday I get the PGS results. 


  1. Good luck! This is so stressful, even for me, I can only imagine when it's your own embies

  2. Thinking of you and hoping for good news on Tuesday!

  3. Best of luck! Congrats on the 3 embies growing!!!

  4. On pins and needles waiting for tomorrow's results. Best of luck!!!