Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Estrogen Priming Cycle - CD8

We went in to the clinic again this morning.  Not a whole lot to report, since it is an Estrogen Priming cycle, we are tracking ovulation, which has not happened yet.  I had a few follicles about 10mm and no lead follicle yet.  The dr. said to come back on Saturday for another check. 
I found out some of my test results, and I was pretty happy about them.  She said everything came back normal.  My AMH was 19.8 pmol/l, and she wanted it between 14-30 pmol/l to have a good reponse for IVF.  So for my age, this is pretty good!  (... or a sign of pcos?)  It has gone down, though.  Last time (over 2 years ago) it was 32, which she found strangely high.  Anyway, my FSH was 3.5, and she wants it under 10, so that was good.  It has fluctuated in the past between 9.8 and 1.5, so I'm glad it's still down in the lower range right now.  My TSH came back 1.78 and she wants it under 2.5, so that is fine too.  I forgot to ask about my prolactin level.  I wonder about that, because of the Domperidone I was taking for 10 months, and the breastfeeding.  Hopefully it has gone down, it is supposed to be under 23.5.  And good news with DH's sperm analysis, the DNA fragmentation was 14.8 and she said under 15 is great.  Last time he had it tested it was 17.5.  So we are really happy with that improvement! 
Of course none of this guarantees that the cycle will work, but it is a great starting point!


  1. Domperidone sounds a lot like Dom Perignon. It's not actually like it, though, is it? haha

    1. Haha, no, it is nothing like Dom Perignon, but DH and I joke about that too! Hope you are doing well!