Thursday, 13 February 2014

Cycle Day 2 - Estrogen Priming

So AF showed up even earlier than anticipated (do I even bother being disappointed of no natural miracle this month, with my infertile history?).  This cycle was just 25 days, which is short for me.  Back when I was regular, I would have 29 or 30 day cycles.  Then later, when things were wonky my cycles got longer, 35, 38, and even 44 days one time.  So I'm not sure what to think, if this is an "improvement" or just more irregularity.  Anyway, that is not very important.  I am launching into my IVF so we packed ourselves up into the car and headed over to the clinic at 7am to get things started.  I was looking forward to hearing what my test results were from last month, but in the typical fashion of how things go for me, I will have to wait some more for those because, surprise!, my doctor is on holiday this week.  We saw the alternate doctor, who I like and have had before (every time our doctor is away we see him and he keeps the cycle going along until our doctor returns).  So he wasn't willing to get into a discussion about the results.  However, we are now starting the "Estrogen priming cycle" to prepare for an IVF in my next cycle.  It is supposed to help build up a better lining, and it is what we did last time for our cycle that worked and got us Joseph.  Of course we want to do everything the same as that cycle, if possible.  I had forgotten about how the E2 priming worked, but basically instead of taking BCP then Lupron, which is what I did the other times, you start the cycle with nothing (that's where we are at now) and then go in for monitoring to find out when ovulation has occurred.  One week after ovulation I will put on an estrogen patch, and a few days after that take Cetrotide.  That is it for the "priming" cycle.  Then on the following (IVF) cycle I used Bravelle and Menopur to stim, then Cetrotide to prevent ovulating too early.  This is considered an "antagonist" cycle, and it is what worked best with me last time.  My doctor said that these medications can be better for producing better quality eggs in patients that have issues and don't do well with the regular Long Lupron protocol.  The egg retrieval should be at the end of March.  It finally feels like something is happening (even though right now we are doing nothing!)  The doctor said to come back in for monitoring next week. 
I didn't find out any of my numbers today, not even the AFC, though I could see that they measured a bunch of small follicles.  I will find out next week with our regular doctor.  It doesn't really matter for this cycle, but it would be interesting to know.  And we definitely want to know about the sperm analysis.  It has been a few years since the last test.  I also want to know my TSH level (I am currently taking a low dose of El Troxin for hypothyroid), my AMH, FSH, and prolactin levels.
So that is where I am at!  Joseph enjoyed himself at the clinic, and DH was chasing him around as he walked all over the place, trying to go into different rooms and areas that he shouldn't be.  They do have a play area there with a little house, that he likes to play in.  Again, I felt worried that it may upset some of the other infertile patients waiting there. We make sure we are not being loud and obnoxious while playing with him.  But the truth is, that the waiting time goes so much faster when we are there with Joseph!  He is very preoccupying and by the time we have played with him a bit, read him a story, changed his diaper... it's time to go in to see the doctor.  We used to just sit there and read magazines, and it was sooooo long and boring.  The wait time is always over an hour, so it really adds up.  I can't even imagine how many hours total we have already spent in that waiting room!   Nevertheless, we are glad to be back, because it feels like our only hope of having another baby. 
We told the doctor today that I was taking DHEA and CoQ10 for a few months and he was like, oh whatever, you should not waste time with that and just get on with it.  Sometimes these things can help, but because of my age I really do need to hurry up, so he said 3 full months is not necessary.  Well, I don't think I waited all that long because it is only my second cycle and it's not like I could do an IVF without a cycle at all, could I?  It's not my fault that after stopping breastfeeding my body took its sweet a** time getting back to normal, unlike many people who apparently get their cycle WHILE they are BFing!  Anyway, he wasn't saying that it was wrong but just for God's sake, just start your cycle ASAP because delaying it for any reason will just make the chances of it working go down. 

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