Wednesday, 26 February 2014

CD15 - Waiting to O

I went to the clinic on Sunday, on cycle day 12, and had one lead follicle at 15mm.  Today, at cycle day 15, the follicle is only at 16mm, so we are still waiting.  Usually a follicle should grow a few mm each day, so this is a bit odd that in 3 days it has only grown 1mm.  The doctor said either the measurements are off since two different u/s technicians measured, or the follicle is growing really slowly.  A "funny month".  Sounds about right.  Last time I went through this I had a crazy long cycle, too.  We'll go back in 2 days and see how it is going.  So just more waiting around.  We are trying to track ovulation this month so that we can start estrogen priming exactly one week after ovulation, in preparation for the following IVF cycle.

In other news, I'm happy that I've lost a few pounds, by cutting back on all sweets and watching what I eat better. 
(Loosely following the suggestions from the books "The Fertility Diet"

and "Fertility Foods" 

So now my body mass index has gone from 25 to 24, and I'm happy about that.  25 and over is considered "overweight" and 19-24 is "healthy weight".  I was a bit surprised to be in the "overweight" category, thus the motivation to get back into the "healthy" zone.  22 is considered the optimal weight for fertility, but I won't be able to get there in just a month!  If I could lose just a few more pounds, especially around my middle, where all the extra hangs out, that would be good.  Right now I am at 155 lb and my height is 5'7.5".  My pre-baby weight was 159 lbs. and pre-fertility treatment weight was 135 lb.  Post-baby I was at 179, so I've come a long way from there, though I doubt I will ever get back into the 130s.  I'm feeling pretty good and think I just need a bit more work on my tummy and that is good enough!  I have been going to the gym a few times a week.  Nothing like the old days when I was an exercise maniac, but too much exercise is not good for fertility, anyway. 

So I'm getting the feeling that I won't ovulate until cycle day 19 or later, I'm guessing.  Then we will do the estrogen priming, and then next cycle our IVF.  Retrieval should be around the end of March / beginning of April.  It seems far off.

Joseph has been doing well, but teething a bit this week.  Not too interested in eating.  He is 13 months now.  He's usually a pretty happy little guy and fairly social.

I found out that one of my mommy friends had a miscarriage.  I'm not sure when it happened or how far along she was.  She is understandably very sad about it, and upset that she is back at work and hates her job. 

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