Monday, 12 August 2013

7 months - first tooth

Joseph is 7 months old now.  He is a happy little guy but he has been teething for quite a while and just on Friday he finally got his first tooth.  That is, I can feel it with my finger, there is not much to look at but a white tip poking through.  We have had visitors the last 2 weeks (my brother and his family staying with us) and we have been up at the cottage most of the time.  Summer is a strange time because since I am a teacher I would normally have this time off anyway.  So it somehow doesn't feel like I'm on leave anymore.  But my friend who is also a teacher on leave says that on the first day of school we will go to Starbucks, and it will be the best first day ever.  No class to prepare for, just our sweet babies!  Joseph still doesn't crawl but loves trying to walk, if you hold him up he will scamper across the floor in a very amusing little trot.