Monday, 1 July 2013

5 months - Father's Day

Baby is doing great!  I'm behind with writing about him and he is actually almost 6 months old now, but I'll write about this past month.  We got him an exersaucer this month ("Baby Einstein Musical Jumper"), despite our lack of space for one (the thing is friggin' huge!), and he enjoys sitting/ standing in it and playing with the toys attached all around.  It is getting more cluttered in our house with the baby paraphernalia.  Joseph is a happy baby and he smiles and giggles a lot.  He loves being held up in the air and waved around.  He gets scared by loud noises (hand dryer in public washrooms, sudden applause or laughter, construction noise).  We are still just feeding him breast milk, but will start on solids when he is 6 months.  He watches us when we are eating and seems interested in our food.  We tried giving him water to drink from a cup last week and he lapped some up with his tongue.  He grabs pretty much anything in his reach and tries to put it in his mouth.  He especially likes grabbing plants/ flowers and ripping them off.  We've been getting out a lot to a variety of baby and mommy classes and to visit other friends with babies.  Joseph likes looking at the other babies and observes how the older babies are sitting up and crawling around.  He has done a roll from his tummy onto his back on his own, but can't go the other way by himself yet, and still does not crawl.  He gets frustrated on his tummy, wriggles around without really getting anywhere, and cries to be rescued.  For Father's Day we went up to the cottage and spent the weekend with my mother there. 
His crib is in our room right now, though it is pretty cramped for space it just barely fit.  At 6 months we can move him into to his own room I guess, but I like having him close to us.  I will have to read up a bit more about that and see if we can keep him with us a bit longer without creating a long term problem.  I'm kind of nervous about starting him on solids soon, but excited to try it.  Baby is growing up!  It 'is amazing to see his development and I'm excited to think that some day he will be walking around and talking to us.  It all seems like such a miracle!  We wonder what his voice is going to sound like and what he is going to say to us.  We are thankful every single day that he is in our life.  Love you, Joseph!

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