Tuesday, 23 April 2013

3 months- baptism

Not much is new...  Joseph is doing great and we are still amazed every day that he is here.  Sometimes he scares us when he is very quiet, and we check that he is breathing.  He is a very good baby and he is smiling a lot, and has just started to laugh a bit.  We had him baptized on April 14th.  We are not that religious, but wanted him baptized anyway.  He looked very cute in his little outfit, and we found a frilly bonnet for him.  I have signed him up for a lot of mom and baby type classes - singing, baby yoga, library program, French drop-in sing-a-long...  I feel like he is already overprogrammed and he is only 3 months old!  But other times when we are just at home, he seems to be bored because he cries even after I fed him and changed him...  He enjoys the programs and looking at the other babies, and they are mostly just 45 min or 1 hour long anyway.  In July I will sign him up for swimming class (parent and tot).  As I said, this all hardly seems real, I am just so glad to have this chance to do stuff with him.  For Easter we got together with the inlaws and ate at a café together. 
We are thinking about going back to the clinic to see our RE.  We were going to go last weekend, but DH had a stomach flu.  Maybe this week we will go.  Specifically, I'm wondering what this medication I'm on to help me lactate (Domperidone 40mg x 4 times a day) and the Lecithin are doing to my fertility, in general.  I must have a very high prolactin level from the meds.  I will have to be completely off that before trying another cycle, eventually.  I will be turning 41 next month, so I'm feeling a bit crunched between my desire to breastfeed for a year, and try another cycle asap.  I will ask the RE about the timing and what she recommends.  If I'm doing donor egg there is no rush, but I'd like one more try with my eggs, if she agrees that it is worth it. 
Here are a few more photos of my little sweetie.

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