Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Baby is here! - Born January 6, 2013

My baby boy arrived on January 6th at 7:23 a.m. weighing 8 pounds, 6 ounces.  It was a fast delivery, by the time I got to the hospital at 1:30 am I was already 7cm dialated and 100% effaced, to my surprise.  By the time I was in the birthing room, I was 9cm dialated, so I decided to forego the epidural, though the contractions were not exactly fun, I was almost at the pushing stage, and I didn't want to slow that part down for such a relatively small amount of relief.  I started pushing a bit after 6:30am and the baby was out before 7:30 am.  The nurse said to me at 7am, "no pressure, but my shift ends at 7:30" and somehow this focussed me on getting some very effective pushes going.  They called the doctor when the head was crowning and they were massaging the perineum like crazy, but it still apparently tore a bit, unavoidably.  I did not even feel it with everything else going on.  DH had one leg and the doula, Kerry, had the other, and they would count to 10 for the pushes, which helped.  At one point they said "reach down and touch the top of his head", which I did, but felt only fleshy mush, which kind of scared me, it did not really feel like a head but just my own skin down there.  DH said later that the head was all ripply when it was coming out, but expanded and got round afterwards.  When the baby finally was out the doctor told me to reach down and grab under his arms, and pull him on to my tummy.  He was all slippery and it was all so hard to believe.  He looked like a real baby!  Then he coughed a bit, then started wailing, very VERY loud!  My baby was alive, and was breathing!  It was a wonderful moment!  They put a blanket over him and he rested skin to skin against my chest.  DH cut the cord.  After a bit they did the vitamin K injection, etc. while on my tummy, and then they did take him away to clean him up and weigh him, etc.  They brought him back and had him propped up, looking at me, it was so cute how he was gazing at me with a curious look, like "who are you??"  Then they put him back on my chest for a bit, I think.  At one point I realized that my tummy was all dirty because right after the birth he had apparently had his first poop right on my stomach!  The doctor said it was good luck, I guess like when a bird poops on you.  After the placenta had come out and the doctor had sewed up the perenium, I rested a bit, but also really had to go to the bathroom.  I also was feeling very dizzy was continuing to have contractions, to my surprise.  I thought once he was out that would be it for the pain!  I was so wrong.  I felt like I was blacking out a bit, and told DH.  Then the nurse said she was going to take me to the washroom to clean me up.  I told her I was dizzy, we went to the washroom together.  That was where I said "I'm blacking out!" and the next thing I knew I was waking up on the floor, surrounded by about 10 doctors, nurses, etc trying to pull me up.  My glasses were gone.  I didn't know how I had gotten there, but apparently I had fainted.  So they got me back to the bed, got my glasses back, got an IV for fluids, and then they said my uterus had not contracted and they had to go in and remove the blood that was pooling inside me.  The doctor said "this will hurt a bit, I'm sorry" and to my horror, stuck her whole gloved hand up inside me, and pulled out gushes of blood from the uterus.  It was so painful, I screamed out in pain.  She said she had to do it again and I screamed again as she did it, it was really awful.  Then she said she had to do it again, and asked if I wanted a break first.  I said yes, wait a few minutes.  Then she did it again.  She said she had to do it one last time.  Then she said "just one more and then it's really it".  So in all she went in FIVE times, it was total hell.  I didn't really understand why she was doing that, but apparently I was hemmoraging, and since the blood had pooled in my uterus it was impossible for it to contract down as it should, and she had to get that blood out or it would just keep on bleeding.  By the way, I was still not on any pain medication at all, not even a regular strength Tylenol, so I was totally out of my mind with pain, and insisted that they give me the maximum dose of whatever pain killers they had at that point.  So they added that to the IV, plus an antibiotic because of the hand going in me, which was not 100% sanitary, obviously.  They tested my hemoglobin to see if I needed a blood transfusion or not.  It had gone down a lot but decided it was still ok and I did not need a transfusion, just some iron pills.  My blood pressure was 66 over 40 or something crazy low like that.  I was quite pale after that episode, and have had low energy for a week, like I get out of breath just walking to the bathroom, and going up the stairs in my house makes my heart pound as if I had just run 5km.  So I have been taking it easy.  Meanwhile, baby is doing totally fine, and the good thing of all this is that he benefitted from having no drugs during the delivery (though I really had planned to have an epidural, there was just no time) and has been doing great since day 1.  He's a wonderful baby and I'm so glad he's here!  We named him Joseph David.  Here he is!

My rainbow baby!  It has been a great week with him so far.


  1. I'm not sure how I missed this wonderful, wonderful update. Congratulations! I know this has been a long, long road for you. I am so overjoyed to see you being snuggled by your sweet baby.

  2. Thank you! I can still hardly beleive it. I am so glad he is here! and I hope your rainbow will be on its way to you soon, too! It has been a hard road, that is so true.

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    1. Thank you!! I have my fingers crossed for you, too!

  4. Btw: what a birth story! Wow!