Wednesday, 24 October 2012

30 weeks - Impaired Glucose Tolerance

I did not pass the 2 hour test :-(  but it wasn't so bad as to be in the category of gestational diabetes.  However, the doctor said that I had impaired glucose tolerance and she will send me for nutritional counselling.  It could develop into gestational diabetes if my glucose level doesn't stay in check.  The baby is measuring slightly large, in the 77th percentile (50th percentile being an average baby) so still within normal, but she doesn't want him getting too big.  Also, I did not pass the pee stick test, which I had always passed up until this point.  There are two little colours on the end of the stick, one is for protein, which I usually get a trace reading, and the other is for glucose.  I was always worried about the protein (after all, it is much more serious of a problem) and the glucose never even showed a trace before.  But this week it changed to the second last colour on the scale, so quite high for that test.  I don't know how this changed so quickly/ abruptly. 
I'm going next week for the nutritional counselling, some lady called and left a message today for me to join some sort of diabetes education class. 
I also had a growth scan on the day at the hospital, and that went fine.  We were relieved that aside from measuring slightly large, there were no abnormalities.  In fact the technician was questioning why we were there and made me feel kind of bad, like I'm wasting their valuable time by my whimsical wish to see the baby.  He didn't offer to print us any pictures and frankly we didn't feel comfortable asking him because of the vibes he was giving off.  We didn't want to get yelled at so we were content to just see the baby.  Me just for a few fleeting moments, because most of the time the screen was out of view, and although I was straining to see, the technician turned it further away.  Sheesh!  He showed it to me at the end for a few moments.  I could see the baby's head, and it looked very cute.  Also he showed us the lips and nose, to confirm that he does not have cleft lip.  I didn't see much of anything else, and we were rushed out the door to wait for the doctor's analysis.  The doctor came a bit later and said she had a slight concern about the heartbeat and wanted to do a non-stress test for 20 minutes to see the pattern over a longer time.  So I was hooked up to a machine that measured the heartbeat and the fetal movement as well as uterine contractions.  Unfortunately, I kept coughing, because of my cold, so it was showing up as contractions on the test.  But that did not really matter, it just made it hard to tell if I was having a "real" contraction or not.  The heartbeat was supposed to get above a certain level at least twice, and it did, so the doctor sent me on my way. 
This evening DH and I went to the infant/child CPR and First Aid course (3 hours, at night).  It was good, but a real repetition of what I already knew from years of lifeguarding, and I used to work as a first aid instructor also during the summer, way back when.  A few things have changed, though, it is good to get updated.  I'm more looking forward to the regular Prenatal classes, which we will take next month.  I think I will learn more there, since I don't have too much knowledge or experience around those topics (childbirth and newborn care). 
Well, I hope that I learn more about what to eat at the dietary counselling next week.  I feel bad every time I eat something because I wonder what it is doing to my blood sugar level.  I don't even know what to buy, and for sure our house is stocked with the "wrong" kind of food for a low glycemic index.  Need to research that topic a bit.  Also, I need to get rid of this horrible cold.  It hurts to cough.  I'm taking tomorrow afternoon off to rest.  I probably need more time, but I am not organized enough at work to take more than that right now.  I feel like I'm getting behind and things are falling off my plate as it is.
As for the baby, he is moving around a lot.  Even during the first aid class, I would look down and see my stomach moving around, because the baby was changing positions. 
I wish we had gotten a picture from the ultrasound.  I will ask next time, whenever that is.  I don't know, this time I really got a sense that I was going to be told off just for asking, so I didn't go for it. 

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Glucose 2 hour test - 29 weeks

So I found out that I actually did fail the 1 hour glucose test, though it took them a week and a half to get back to me, so I thought I was in the clear.  I had to redo the test, this time a 2 hour glucose test.  I just did that today.  I'm at 28 weeks now, by the way, almost 29 weeks (in 2 days).  It went fine, except at the 2nd hour mark (my 3rd blood draw) they forgot to call me, and when I went to ask about it the technician said "we already did you", and I was like "no, you didn't".  I had to argue with her and finally she did take my blood, but it was 7 minutes late, so I hope that doesn't matter.  All the other blood draws were exactly on time, so I am a bit pissed that this lady nearly screwed up my test - if I had just sat there in the waiting room they never would have called me at all.  I had already been waiting there for 2 hours and taken a 1/2 day off work, plus I was fasting, so I did not want to have redo the test because they got my paper mixed up and thought they already did it.  They actually took someone else 10 minutes earlier than their listed time, so I'm not sure how exact these time sensitive tests are supposed to be.  I was glad to get out of there.  I hope I pass this one, otherwise I will have to change my diet I guess.  Hopefully they don't lose my results, it was such a mad house there today at the blood lab!  And everyone was so impatient and angry, it was not a good atmosphere. 
I had a terrible dream last night that I delivered 2 babies early, one was way too small and the other one couldn't breath, though I tried to help him.  I woke up so relieved that it was just a dream, it seemed very real.
We bought a car seat and it is sitting in our living room in a box.  I also bought some small diapers on sale.  I wasn't sure which ones to get, there is a lot of variety!  Next month we are starting our prenatal classes at the hospital.  Hopefully I will feel more confident after taking the classes.
I feel a combination of excitement and extreme anxiety these days.

Monday, 8 October 2012

27 weeks, 2 losses, vision issues, glucose test

The weeks are passing more quickly, I think since I've been at work the time goes more quickly.  Also, I hardly ever have a checkup so there is not much to report on.  Last week I went in for my glucose test for gestational diabetes.  I had a weird sugary orange pop that they gave me and an hour later they drew blood to see how my body had processed it, I suppose.  I have not heard back, so I guess that means I passed? 
Also, last weekend I had a weird problem with my vision.  I came home after going swimming and looked in the mirror, and could only see the left side of my face.  There was part of my vision that just wasn't there, and on the edge I started seeing flashing lights.  At first I thought I was imagining it, but then it got worse.  I tried to read some writing and I could only see some letters and they were moving around.  It was both fascinating and very scary, since I had never had anything like that happen before.  I wondered what to do, but then it did get better and after half an hour it was back to normal.  I mentioned it to my doctor at the appointment and she said I should have gotten medical help right away, next time.  But she took my blood pressure and it was fine, and also my urine did not have protein, so that is good that it was not pre-eclampsia (which is what my internet Dr. Google had presumed).  She said it sounded either like a migrane aura, or a problem with my retina, and since it had not come back it was probably a migrane.  I have never had that before.  Apparently it is brought on by stress, so I guess I am more stressed out than I realize?  And I guess just being pregnant is stressful, especially at my age, so I should take it more easy.
I got terrible news today about a friend at work.  She was also pregnant and had been having some bleeding/ spotting, had taken some time off work, and I just found out she lost her baby over the weekend.  I am just in shock, these things are just not supposed to happen!  I think she was 20 weeks along, and I believe she had an L&D, how horrifying!  I was getting worried about her when she had been gone all week from work, and I heard she might not be in next week either, so I called her but got no answer.  What a terrible time she must be going through!
I am also still processing bad news from another friend who was supposed to have her baby in October (about now, I guess) but had some major problems and lost her baby one week before we were going to go to her baby shower, at the end of August.  She was 34 weeks along and I just can't imagine how awful that loss must have been, plus to go through a L&D knowing that the baby was not going to be coming home.  We found out later that they terminated and I know how difficult that decision making process is, how gut-wrenching and sickening it makes you feel.  At such a late stage, we can only guess what the f**k happened, we are angry on their behalf, how could the doctors not have caught this earlier, how could they get that far and how awful to have to deliver at full term like that.  How does anyone get over something like that?  I don't know how they survived it.  Apparently their baby had problems with its arms, spine, brain, face...  I just don't understand, but the bottom line is they lost their baby and it was extremely traumatic. 
Then there's me, 6 months pregnant and I know how hard it is for these friends to have lost their baby and see another pregnancy continue on.  I have been there so I know.  That doesn't make it easier, I feel like I don't know how to be helpful or compassionate.  I would like to reach out to them but it is hard.  For my friend who lost her baby at the end of August I sent a card and a booklet about grieving baby loss that I had found helpful last year when I lost my baby (though not at that very late stage, like her).  My friend who lost her baby this weekend, I don't know, I am going to send her a message but it is hard.  She has already written me a message thanking me for my call on the weekend and to say that she knows I understand her loss because of what happened to me last year, and that she is still happy for me now and sees me as an example of hope.  So I will write back to acknowledge her message, really I can't believe she wrote something so coherent and proper after just losing her child.  I don't know if I could have written such a message, in her shoes, but everyone is different I suppose.