Wednesday, 1 August 2012

first OB visit - 14 wks

This actually happened a while ago but was not very eventful so I didn't bother writing about it.  (I am now currently at 17weeks 6 days)  I went in on July 4 and met my new OB.  This is the doctor I was supposed to go to last time but the pregnancy fell apart a few short weeks before the appointment, and I was sent to the genetic counsellor and high risk team instead.  So it was one small victory just to make it there, as a regular patient, having graduated from the RE. 

The OB was nice, she took down my medical history and listened to the heartbeat on the doppler in her office.  That was pretty much it.  There was no ultrasound, and she said to book the next appointment for the week of August 10.  After having weekly check ins at the RE with ultrasounds each time, Aug 10 seemed quite far off.  But I didn't think too much of it.  Only now, as time has stretched on endlessly from that last appointment do I think Holy f**, is the baby even still alive in there and how would I even know otherwise??  I am totally paranoid that this next u/s will be shocking and devastating...  Why?  Because I am not really showing much (I just look fat) and I feel no movement (too early for a first time mom), I don't really have other symptoms since my nausea is I guess "better".  My back hurts a bit, I take this as a great sign that everything is OK, but then I wonder if I get bad news it will just end up being that I had a sore back for no particular reason. 

Also, no news from the bloodwork that I did a few weeks ago.  The part 2 of the sequential screening, which was supposed to take one week for the results.  What does no news mean???  Is that good, they don't think they need to bother calling me to let me know?  Or does it mean that they did not finish testing it?  Or the blood sample got lost and was not tested (this happened once before for my AMH bloodwork last year, I waited weeks and weeks and then it ended up when my doctor called the lab that they had no record of anything, even though they had taken 11 vials of blood that day and I had paid $80 out of pocket for the test since it was not covered by insurance).  So I am a bit anxious about the lack of results, however it SHOULD be fine because of the PGS testing of the chromosomes that I did.  But I would still like to know the results.  Hopefully I will get them at my next appointment, which is now a week away on August 7th. 

At the end of the last appointment the doctor left and the secretary said, as an afterthought, "oh, you need to take this urine test.  If it doesn't change colour then everything is fine, but if it changes colour bring it back to show me" and she gave me a pee stick to take to the washroom.  Well of course that thing changed colour.  I asked the secretary, what does that mean?  And she said "oh, it's just protein in your urine.  I will make a note of it and the doctor can review it next time".  In a month??  Isn't that a bit late if something is wrong.  After checking with Dr. Google later, I was a bit reassured that it is probably not a major problem.  Maybe I have a mild bladder infection.  Should that not be checked into and treated???  Or the other thing it could indicate is pre-eclampsia or high blood pressure, and I am not far along enough to have that and I know my blood pressure is low.  But still, that whole urine test thing was just a bit disturbing because it reveals their laid-back attitude and I am, let's say, not-so-relaxed after having lost my first and only pregnancy.  I don't have that "oh, everything is going to be fine" outlook because that is NOT what I experienced last time.  And the secretary was not even going to tell me anything about the test, am I supposed to be ok with "oh, you have tested positive for something.  We will tell you about it next month.  Bye bye, enjoy your day.  Please move aside, there are other patients waiting."  I don't really like that secretary much.  She doesn't really know my full history of infertility and loss, but still, who would be ok with that??

So now I'm just waiting for my next appointment, which will include an ultrasound.  I am writing down my questions as I think of them so I will remember to ask the doctor.  I have quite a list now, including:  -  Where is my part 2 bloodwork/ what were the results?  -  What do the results mean?  Do I need an amnio?   - Did my thyroid bloodwork come in/ what were the results?  -  Do I need to keep taking the thyroid meds/ change the dose?   -  WTH was the protein in my urine all about?  What does it mean?  Is it getting better or worse?   - What were the ultrasound results?  Is the baby alive  ( < < The most important question!!!)  / normal/ will it be ok??????    - Could they see everything on the ultrasound?  Do I need another ultrasound in a few weeks to check again?   -  Are there any signs of NTD or any other developmental or chromosomal problems?  -  What is the location of the placenta?   - Does the cervix seem ok? / length of cervix? 

I think that is it.  I don't know what else I should be worried about but I get the feeling if I don't ask they won't tell me much, so I am trying to think of everything that I would need to know to feel reassured - in an informed way, not an ignorant "I don't know anything, so everything must be fine" kind of way.  Hopefully I don't annoy the doctor too much with these questions.  The next appointment is August 7th, which is next Tuesday right after our long weekend here.


  1. I would call for the results. I bet they're fine, but this way you can point out their stupidity.

    1. OK, I finally got the nerve to call my OB office. The secretary said the results are in. She didn't say what they WERE, but I will find out on Tuesday when I see the doctor, so I'm OK with that. Yes, I'm a big chicken! I hate getting news on the phone, because of my previous experience of getting the worst news possible that way, so I didn't mind that she didn't offer up the details. But at least the bloodwork isn't lost.