Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Beta #3 and Beta #4

Since my last post I started feeling a lot worse about all this, but now I am feeling better.  I somehow developed a cold starting with a sore throat at about 2 days past transfer, and that has progressed into a nightmarish flu with major asthma attacks leaving me coughing all night long.  It has been scary because I have been fearful that I would develop a fever and this would harm the baby, and also not being able to breathe is quite disturbing.  When I laid down it became impossible to breathe because of the tons of clear mucus (sorry TMI) and so I had to sit up, coughing all night.  My throat is raw, I feel terrible... I could go on.  Anyway, I went to my GP today and got some proper asthma medication, and she told me I could use DM cough syrup safely during pregnancy.  My greatest fear is taking some product or chemical and without realizing it causing some horrendous birth defect that won't be detected until 18 or 20 weeks.  This is part of why my excitement has completely flattened out and I only feel nervous and/ or ambivalent about things.  However, I think that is wearing off and I'm starting to feel more hopeful that maybe this WILL be ok. 

OK, enough about that, on to the numbers.  My beta #3, which was at 16 days past 6 day transfer, was 2,959.  That was almost doubling from the previous number, according to my calculations (which I'm not sure are accurate) it is 99% of doubling, considering it was 3 days after my 995 beta #2.

Beta # 4, which was today, at 20 days past 6 day transfer (4 days after the last beta) was 11,120.  So once again, that is not quite doubling, but about 94%.  So I can live with that.  I think they say that over 70% is fine, though obviously 100% doubling or more would be ideal.

Aside from my terrible cold / asthma / flu, I have not noticed many symptoms.  There have been a few twinges in my uterus and some very mild cramps, nothing concerning.  A little bit of soreness in the breasts, and also a bit of loss of appetite - meaning that foods don't appeal to me, but I do feel hungry.  And not too much nausea, it's hard to tell because I'm coughing so much that I feel sick from that.  I REALLY wish I could shake this cold, but I guess with the pregnancy my body is not reacting normally and this virus is lingering way longer than I am used to tolerating.  I am SICK of it!  Not to mention how much worry it has caused, and the fact that I am even suspicious of the meds that the doctor has approved as "safe" to deal with the asthma and coughing...  I wonder if it is certain that it will not do harm.  For example, the asthma meds make me shaky and my heart beats faster, with palpitations after taking it.  How can this NOT be affecting the baby???   And I imagine my baby as a tiny, vulnerable tadpole with an open neural tube, the size of a grain of rice, being bombarded by these meds and this virus.  Is it going to be ok??

My first ultrasound is next week, on May 15th. 

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  1. I was so eager waiting for you update. I'm glad your betas are doing well. Good luck on the u/s and kicking this cold!