Thursday, 12 April 2012

Retrieval Today

I had my retrieval early this morning.  Everything went well and they got 12 eggs, which we are happy about.  They gave me enough drugs this time and so the downside is that I have hardly any memory of the procedure.  It is a strange feeling to be awake but afterwards I don't remember most of what happened.  Fortunately hubby was there to report to me what went on while I was drugged out.  But it was better than the first IVF when I could feel a lot more of the stabbing and I was more awake.  I felt pretty good after coming home, but very tired.  At lunch time I thought I felt fine and I thought "wow, maybe I could have gone back to work" but then I got so extremely tired, I just passed out for several hours on the couch.  Now I wait for the fertilization report tomorrow.  We are doing ICSI so hopefully we get most of them fertilizing.  I got a call on my cell phone from the clinic today and it was a bit surprising, since I know they are supposed to call tomorrow.  They called to say they made a mistake in billing and they will give me a $400 credit on my account.  I didn't know what she was talking about, but since they were giving money back to me, I said "OK!".  But really I think it's a mistake.  At this point I have paid over $50,000 to that clinic, so $400 back, in error or not, is not even worth getting excited about.  In truth, I was just totally relieved that she wasn't calling to tell me that something had happened to the embryos and they were all dead or missing, or something. 

I wasn't sure if I would need to take tomorrow off or not, since after my first IVF I had so much bloating and pain.  But I really feel fine and I will go back in tomorrow.  Of course I have already gone to the trouble of leaving a full set of supply teacher notes and prepared work, which will now not be needed since I'm going to go in myself.  I have already missed so many days of work this year, mostly half days when I need to go to the clinic in the mornings, my students are quite curious about what is wrong with me! 

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  1. Congrats on getting 12 Eggies!! Hope they all fertilize and you get a lot to choose from and some to put on ice :) Best of luck to you!