Thursday, 5 April 2012

Day 6 of stims

Today I went to the clinic for a check.  They measured many follicles, but the dr was mainly interested in the 14 follicles that were larger than 9mm.  Hopefully I will get 14 at retrieval, that would be a great number!  She was happy with the lining, she said everything was looking juicy and that the estrogen priming had done its job.  So she changed my dose slightly by raising the Menopur to 150 (up from 75) and she kept the Bravelle the same at 225.  I took a shot of Cetrotide that should last for 3 days.  That is to prevent ovulating prematurely.  They also gave me a one day dose because although I'm coming in on Sunday, I need to take it at exactly 9:15 am (the same time as the other shot) or there will be problems.  So they gave me the meds because on Sundays they run later and I might not get to see a nurse until after that time.  It seems that I will be doing my trigger on about day 11, which is next Tuesday night, and then the retrieval next Thursday, on Day 13.  But it might be off by a day.  It depends on how the follicles develop.  I hope the CoQ10 and DHEA are making a difference this time and helping to improve the quality. 

At work I was a bit peeved because the secretary asked me in the office the other day whether I was pregnant or not, because our VP is convinced that my procedure worked and that I was now pregnant.  I told her, as I had already said when she asked me before, no I am not.  Oh, she said, I just didn't know if you were lying before, because we have a bet and now that I know, I can get myself some money!  WTH?  I didn't know whether to laugh or be insulted, or depressed that the VP thinks I look fat enough to be pregnant.  Oh, and apparently she bases this on when she asked me how I was doing and I said "good" and pointed to my belly.  First of all, I did not point to my belly, I remember her asking how I was and she said I looked great, and I didn't know why she was acting weird.  I think it's so rude to be betting on someone's IVF outcome.  Maybe that was just a joke and they aren't really betting, but still.  I feel a bit betrayed by the secretary because she also has been through IVF and IF and should know better how emotional it all is, especially with a failed cycle and having to report to everyone about the negative outcome.  I feel like I really don't want to tell them about any more cycles, though it's hard to prevent them from finding out since they see my absences and put two and two together.  Though sometimes they are wrong in their assumptions, as in this case. 

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