Thursday, 15 March 2012

Waiting, weekend getaway cancelled...

Still waiting to ovulate here.  We went to the clinic this morning and at least I have a follicle that has been growing, it is 16mm now, up from 12.5mm the last time I was in.  It is good to know that SOMETHING is happening.  I just wish it would hurry up!  Today I literally had my bag packed to go with DH on a 4 day mini vacation after we left the clinic.  However, the doctor said to come in tomorrow, so our plans to go away are dashed.  And if tomorrow my LH isn't surging, then we will need to come in the next day as well, to check on it.  So much for our trip!  I may as well unpack my bag. 

After the surge, whenever it decides to appear, I will start the estrogen priming.  I will remind her that I also am supposed to take some meds to lower my prolactin, which came in borderline high the last time it was tested.  The doctor said that my progesterone has finally drifted back down to 2.5 (from 35 earlier in this crazy cycle).  She said that is probably as low as it will get because it was 2.7 four days ago and it's getting close to my normal level which is between 2.3 and 1.5.  So she said to go ahead and restart with taking DHEA.  I'm a bit worried about this since last time I started that coincided with when my cycle went wonky.  I just don't know.  But on the other hand, if it helps with my egg quality, that would be very helpful.  Not much is known about DHEA, so like much of this IF stuff, it's a bit of a crap shoot.  It could make things better, or it might make them worse, let's find out!

I was thinking more today about donor eggs.  I went to the gym and I was thinking "oh, I'd like to ask that girl to be my donor.  She looks a bit like me, and she's fit and healthy."  Imagine how crazy it would be to actually go up to someone and ask them. 

In the clinic this morning there was a annoying, weird family that was sitting in front of us in the waiting room.  DH and I almost ALWAYS sit in the same spot, the furthest corner of the room.  It is far away from the "play area" where people bring their kids.  There is nothing more depressing to me than sitting in front of a family watching 2 kids playing while mom is in to work on having her third.  I'm like, are you SERIOUS!!  Get a sitter, this is just rude to come and rub your good fortune in the face of the few sad losers here who truly are INFERTILE and DESPERATE, not just craving "one more" to add to an already complete family, as far as I'm concerned.  It just seems greedy to me.  I know many people there already have kids, but do you really need to bring them to the clinic?  And be loud and obnoxious??  Well, getting to my point...  The family looked like trailer trash, the mom was really out of shape and already looked 6 months pregnant, though presumeably she was in to try to have another.  The kid was in his pyjamas, and the dad looked all scruffy, like he just woke up.  There was also another woman who had thinning hair held in a barrett.  Maybe the sister of the woman in for treatment?  DH was joking later that maybe those were the donors.  OMG that would be so funny!!

The doctor also mentioned that DH had a great sperm count, at 22 million.  Only 32% motility, though, and 26% had "antisperm antibodies" (she said over 20% was borderline significant).  This would be a very big problem if the count was low, but with his high count I guess they can still work with that and find the "good" ones for IVF or IUI (scoff! we are well past doing IUI's).  He did another full sperm analysis this week and we will get the results of the DNA fragmentation, etc in a week or two.  Last time he was tested it was ok.

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