Friday, 16 March 2012

Stuck in the City

Well, I have NOT ovulated yet, so maybe I spoke too soon about my body being normal.  Normally I would have already ovulated by now, it's Day 15.  We went in for the bloodwork today, and I asked her a few things that I think she had forgotten about, such as what meds I was supposed to start taking because I had borderline high prolactin, so she gave me a Rx for that.  It's only 1/2 a pill twice a week, so not much at all.  But she had totally forgotten about it, so that is not too good.  I guess it isn't that important?  I am getting paranoid, though, since obviously I have fallen through the cracks of this whole fertility thing.  And also I asked again about the sonogram, and just as I predicted she said ,oh we should have done that a week ago, now is not the best time and we can't do it after you ovulate.  But then she sprang up and said, let's do it right now!  This is our only chance!  (also, she mistakenly thought that we had already done one after the d&c, and I said no, it was just a regular ultrasound, not a sono, and she checked her notes, and that is when she sprang into action).  So we got that done on the spot and fortunately there was good news, she said there was NO scarring and everything looked "beautiful".  Thank God, I have been worrying about that since October!  I am a bit concerned that I am not ovulating.  I took another OPK tonight to check and still nothing.  I wonder if the DHEA is messing me up again!  I only started taking it again yesterday, when she told me to.  Yesterday my follicle was 18mm and today they first measured it at 18.5 but then when they did the sono they measured it again and the doctor was saying "hmmm... how did they get a 18 from that?" and she said that probably yesterday the measurement was too generous also.  WTH???  I am seeing a pattern--- Last time I took DHEA my follicle grew, shrunk, no ovulation, and period started suddenly (with no ovulation OR luteal phase!!!!).  And now... my follicle grew, shrunk, ovulation is delayed...  and then when I went home there was a SMALL amount of blood that came out (sorry TMI).  Can you see how this is freaking me OUT!!!!!!  However, I think the blood was from being stabbed with the catheter, and a full flow has not started like last time.  I am worried, though!

So anyway, my bloodwork was not ready...  we left the clinic and they said they would call to let us know.  Well, they didn't call until after 4pm.  How helpful is that?  Our getaway is totally pooched.  (We were only planning to go to Haliburton to visit my mother, but still!)  In the message they said that I'm not surging (I already knew that from the OPK) and to come back on SUNDAY morning.  So definitely we can't get away AT ALL.  I called and let my mom know that we won't be able to visit this week.  It's kind of embarrassing, but I just told her about how we're going to the clinic and the doctor wants to check that my hormones are at a certain level, and they aren't there yet so I need to keep going back until they are.  She was fine with that, though she had been looking forward to some company.  We will have to make it up to her on a different weekend.  I was looking forward to getting out of the city, too.  Blah!

I'm going to think of some more things we can do on our "staycation".  Oh, GOOD news about my hubbie's work.  Today he found out that they have given him a new project.  So hopefully that means he will not be fired!!  (He's an engineer.)  Sadly, the project he is working on is Henry's old project (he is the one who got let go last week).  DH doesn't feel so great about that.  But we need his job to pay for the fertility treatments!!!  There is no end in sight, ugh! 

Oh, that reminds me of something funny when I went to the lab that is making my tooth veneer, in Oshawa (I had to go there in person after I got my temporary veneer so the guy who makes the real one could take pictures of my teeth and see the colour, etc to supposedly match it as close as possible).  The guy was quite a character and had fish mounted on the walls and signs "I'd rather be fishing" etc.  I looked over and he had this funny sign that said "Due to budget cutbacks, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off".  After the totally stressful day/ week I had been having, that sign provided me with a much needed laugh!!!

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