Sunday, 18 March 2012

LH, where are you??

I still have not surged, and now it's day 18.  WTH??  My LH went up to 9 today from 5, so it could be the beginning of a surge.  I took an OPK at home later, and still nothing.  The weekend is over and now I'm supposed to go back to work tomorrow, but guess what?  I get to go back to the clinic again for another check.  So I need to take the morning off, that's not a very good start back.  This is seriously making me look bad at work, and I know that my annoying colleague will question why I'm away on the first day back after a holiday.  He irritates me so much, now he has figured out that all my absences are to go to the fertility doctor, and he is always shocked at how OFTEN I go.  "At the doctor AGAIN??" he keeps asking me. 

And this cycle is just ridiculous, we are not even doing anything this cycle and there is no chance at all of getting pregnant, so why the hell am I missing my vacation, and missing work for this??
My doctor is going away on vacation starting on Tuesday, so she is hoping that I surge by tomorrow so she can give me the instructions for the rest of the cycle.  Either way, I will be getting the instructions so the other doctor can monitor me while she is away. 

DH was happy to hear that he still has a job.  He said that although his vacation is over, for the first time he's GLAD to be going back to work, because at the start of his vacation he thought he was going to be axed!  And he told me more about Henry and I don't feel so sorry for him anymore.  Aside from being an engineer, Henry likes to play poker and apparently he won $1 million in Las Vegas a few years ago.  Then the bosses at work, who like to play poker, insisted that he play poker with them, so he did and he cleaned them out completely.  And since then, Henry thinks the bosses didn't like him much, I wouldn't doubt it!  But anyway, he is doing more than ok, he owns a dry cleaning business and a strip mall on the side, and his house is already paid off.  I don't think he really needed that job, from the sounds of it.  DH on the other hand, definitely needs the job so at very least we can keep our fertility treatments going as long as it takes.  Holy crap, we've already gone well beyond what we thought would be needed, so who knows where this madness will end? 

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