Sunday, 4 March 2012

Dear Lily

Dear Lily,
You were supposed to be born today.  I'm so sad that you aren't here with us.  We love you so much and wanted you more than anything.  I'm sorry that we weren't able to protect you and make you better.  Today we were thinking of you and remembering how happy you made us.  Finding out about you and seeing you for the first time on the ultrasound was the greatest joy I've ever experienced in my life.  Your dad felt the same way, too.  Losing you has been our greatest sorrow.  We wrote a note for you today and then got some pretty pink balloons, then went to the park and set them adrift with the note attached, in your honour.  We watched as the balloons floated off, further and further, just as you were released from us and back into the universe.  We watched them disappear into a huge fluffy cloud and we had tears in our eyes as we thought of you and how much we wanted you in our arms, not floating off somewhere.  But we know you are always going to be in our hearts and a part of us, no matter where you are.  We will never forget you.  Today was supposed to be your day, Lily, so we wanted to acknowledge you this way.  You were innocent and perfect and we're so sorry that you're gone.
With love,

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