Thursday, 23 February 2012

Progesterone still high

I went to the clinic today.  My progesterone is still high and she said to come back in three more days.  I'm feeling really down that this cycle will not be working and the whole future looks so black right now.  My husband was so grumpy after having to go and wait for 3 hours just to get this news.  Today my doctor teaches somewhere, so she only come in "after 9" (it was almost 10 am) but we needed to go early to be first on the list because my husband needs to get to work (I had taken the morning off).  I told him I should just go on my own and he said no, but when it came to actually waiting he was pretty pissed off by the end and was driving like a maniac to get back home from the clinic.  I guess he was also hoping that the progesterone would be down and we could continue the cycle.  Now we just have to wait longer and see what happens.  On Tuesday it was at 35 and today it was 26, so it is coming down, but she wants it under 10 to start.  She says on Sunday if it's under 10 and I still have lots of small follicles with no lead follicle, and if my estrogen isn't too high, THEN we can do the cycle.  I'm not sure of the likelihood that all of that will happen.  I think the lingering progesterone is because I was doing the injections and they make bubbles of progesterone in my hips that are still there and releasing the hormone still.  I'm kind of mad, I wonder if we had done a better job of massaging them in (it is so hard, though!  and we did try) if the bumps would be gone and not interfering with this cycle.  I never knew this would be a problem, though.
I feel so bummed out and today was such a waste.  And it's more sitting on eggshells until Sunday.  Maybe we'll have to wait another month.  That is just so depressing. 

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