Tuesday, 21 February 2012

New protocol

I went in for my day 2 check today.  My doctor had practically forgotten who I was and asked if I wanted to do a frozen cycle now.  I was like, um, I have nothing left so I don't think that's what I'll be doing.  So we're starting a new cycle with a short protocol.  Very short, like I started stimming today!  I wasn't expecting that, I thought she would at least have me on a few weeks of bcp to start.  She's using a different recipe with Bravelle and Menopur this time.  She says it will produce less follicles but hopefully better quality, since that is my major PROBLEM!!  There is not much hope left, but God, I hope this works!  Another $16,000 for another chance, another shot in the dark.  I also started taking CoQ10 but really I should have started months ago.  I'm not sure what the point is of taking it for the week I'm starting to stim. 

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