Saturday, 28 January 2012

Transfer Day is set

Well, I went back to the clinic today and once again got the alternate doctor.  This is the one I like better than my real RE so we were glad to see him again.  It's like he's our doctor now, we just have to keep going in when our doctor is off!  He said my lining was good at 12 mm already so there is no need to wait 17 days as my RE had said.  It's my cycle day 9 today.  He gave me a date for transfer, February 2nd.  That's groundhog day, DH's favourite holiday!  (DH loves that holiday because there are no expectations or family obligations, no gift giving, just an open invitation to get together at the pub with no pressure to show up or not.  We used to go to a pub called the "Groundhog Pub" but sadly it has gone under so we have had to improvise with other celebration locations.)  So this year we will spend groundhog day at the clinic.  The doctor said there was some flexibility in the date if we wanted to move it ahead or back, but we thought it was fine on Feb. 2nd.  So today was the first day that I actually felt a bit excited about this cycle, and truly hopeful.  I will take Thursday and Friday off work to rest, and chill out on the weekend, I think that should be enough time to give the embies a reasonable chance to get settled in.  I am just praying that they both survive the thaw, there is a chance they may not so that is quite a worry.  I booked my acupuncturist to come to the clinic on Thursday and do a session before and after the transfer, like he did last time.  Also, I'm going to see him one last time on Tuesday before the transfer.  I think the acupuncture may have been helpful in building my lining so far because I'm a bit ahead of schedule, which is good news.  This is a contrast to my last "natural" cycle that was super slow, I did not do acupuncture and it dragged on for 43 days.  I asked the doctor about that, he did not have any real answers but said that fluctuations are normal since my hormones have been all over the place with my last IVF and the termination.  He said I'm on a very high dose of Estrogen right now, so that will suppress ovulation.  Today I started my Progesterone in Oil injections as well.  I do one injection each day from now on until the pregnancy test.  I am well versed in this since I did over 3 months of daily PIO injections for my pregnancy.  It was bittersweet to restart with those.  The last time I did an injection I was happily pregnant, so it brought back some memories.  Those injections hurt a bit, mostly after a week or so when the progesterone "bubbles" start accumulating and there are less "new" spots to inject that are not already sore.  The progesterone takes a while to get absorbed and some of it sits there in a painful bump.  I try to massage them out, but that's a lot of massaging and I don't have enough time to get them all out. 
On Monday I start a daily dose of Medrol, for 4 days before the transfer, which the nurse said was a steroid to suppress my immune system.  She said this makes my body more friendly to the embryos and it won't attack them as a foreign body.  I guess it makes me more susceptible to viruses, etc as well.  And I'm also going to start 3 days of Doxycyline twice a day starting Monday, to prevent infections from the procedure.  Aside from that, I'm continuing with my thyroid meds- 1 1/2 pills a day.  I found out my TSH is now 1.6, which is good since it's under 2.  It was 3.6 in November, before the meds.  Normal is under 5, but the nurse said that under 2 is good for fertility patients since a higher number has a greater risk for miscarriage.  And finally, I'm continuing with the baby aspirin once a day, as a blood thinner.  This is because the PIO causes the blood to thicken and this helps balance that out.  Oh, and also my vitamin daily that has folic acid.  So that's a lot of meds to keep track of!  I have taken notes in my day planner and hopefully won't screw it up!  So here we go!  Hoping for a miracle, that the little frosties make it out of their defrost, and that they stick and grow.  Everything is crossed for a good cycle, otherwise obviously I will be so depressed because we will be starting over from scratch.  There are no other embies, and I'm concerned about how crappy my last cycle was.  Hoping groundhog day will be lucky for us! 

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