Monday, 4 July 2011

3rd beta

This is 4 days past my second beta, so 19 days past 5 dt.  The level was 4834, so very good!  It has doubled every 2 days, which is a good sign.  My 5th week symptoms have been more tingling in breasts, some cramping & sick feeling, and tiredness.  Mostly I feel normal.  I was worried about the beta numbers, they are nice and high but maybe this could mean twins.  I'm just worried of premature labour and losing the pregnancy if it's twins... (because of my age) but I guess I'll find out at the ultrasound on July 14th and ask the doctor what she thinks.  I still haven't seen the doctor yet!  I just get calls from the nurse, and they tell me to come back for another blood test. 

I went to my GP today and told her about the pregnancy and my concerns.  She was very happy for me, since she knows what an ordeal this has all been.  I also asked her to fill in the medical forms for the adoption home study, though I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that now.  But I had the appointment so I figured I may as well get the report.  It was $35.  She was a bit annoyed that I didn't tell her in advance about the forms, but she did it anyway.  Obviously it took more time than the original appointment, which was to just go over some test results from my physical.  All was fine except she said my iron stores was low, so I could take a supplement called Palafer (?). 

My next Beta is on Wednesday (in 2 days).  I hope it continues to go well.  I need a number of 19,336 or higher.  Yikes!

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