Saturday, 25 June 2011


Well, it's Saturday and so far I slept in so I wasn't able to go in for the test and get my BFN to ruin my day.  Btw I am now CD29, 12dp5dt  (actually, it was a 6 day transfer).  I will go tomorrow and stay in my bubble of hopefulness/ dread one more day.  I didn't do the HPT either because I figure, why bother?  I'll find out tomorrow and enjoy another day of wondering in the meantime.  Then D said he sent an email to his friend saying we might not make it to the barbecue.  I thought he was looking forward to it (it's all his friends from university) and I was going to be a good sport and go along, though as I said it was going to be a baby-fest.  But I guess he also thinks it will suck to be at a party where every single person has a baby except you.  If there was at least one other childless person, let alone couple, then it could be ok.  He said to me, let's just get a pizza and a movie instead!  We'll see how we feel later today.

We worked in the garden all day.  It was a lot of work because we are not garden people and it had grown totally out of control.  We only usually "garden" for about 2 days a year, inspired by the total disgrace that it has turned into, and the clear fact that it needs attention urgently.  We have lots of great perrenial plants from the previous owner of the house, but they have grown in so thick that it looks crazy by this point in the season.  We literally just ripped out 5 big bags of foliage (ferns, tiger lilies, weeds, small trees that were sprouting) and what remained looked like a fully mature, amazing garden.  Not the neatest, most perfect garden, mind you.  But very good for us, and the fact that we had only worked on it one day.  There was a hosta buried under the ferns that we couldn't even see before, and now it looks good with space around it.  We'll get a few annuals to add colour along the path and voila!  Beautiful!  So now we are happily too late to go to the barbecue and we're going to go get our movie. 

Ha ha!  I have sidestepped my predicted meltdown today, and I feel great!  Maybe it will be tomorrow instead, after my test, but at least I don't have to go and face a bunch of old university acquaintances and "catch up" with them on my crappy test day!

I will try to post a picture of my garden some time, if I can get my camera working.  I put a new memory card in it and now it's gone all weird. 

Bye for now! 

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