Sunday, 26 June 2011

Lucky Day!

I am in shock!  This morning I did an HPT and it came out positive!  Then I went in to the clinic for the blood test and they confirmed the positive, with a Beta of 488.  This is so great!  I know it may still end badly but it's amazing to get this far for the first time ever!  My only other positive Beta was 9 and then it went down.  Yeah!!!  This blog must be lucky!  I didn't even want to start it until this cycle was over, but then I figured, what difference does it make.  I really thought it would be negative because of the cramps, it felt just like AF was coming. 

I called my mother and told her.  She was happy but said: "Well, the first 3 months is the hardest to hold onto the pregnancy.  Make sure you don't do anything out of the ordinary".  (She's a retired nurse, and also she has had a miscarriage, so she has experience in this department).  She wasn't overly excited, I guess she wants to be cautious.  She was happy for me, but kind of like I just told her I got my hair cut and I like how it turned out.  "That's great, dear!"

Backtracking a bit... When I woke up I was seriously miserable.  I was turning over in my head the possibilities of what to do for the next cycle and when I would be able to go in.  It was going to be hard to go in on Day 2 because this is the last week of school and there are special events every day that I don't want to be absent for.  I did the HPT because I thought if I knew for sure it was negative then I could stay and talk to the doctor today, since it's the weekend, and avoid going in mid-week on Day 2 during the last week madness.  I could pick up any meds that I needed today, too, and then just start them when they called and told me.  I did the test in a little dish.  (I don't like the mid-flow tests, I end up with pee all over the place).  The control line came out nice and dark  (as usual) and the rest was all pink... What usually happens then is the pink fades out to a bright, stark white, announcing the crappy BFN. But this time, out of the pink haze emerged a line, a nice pale pink line that I had only seen before when I tested after my HCG shot.  I called to D right away.  He was standing out on our porch looking at the street, perhaps to check the weather.  I hollered: "Hey, come and see this!!"  So he came upstairs and I showed it to him.  He just looked at it.  "It's positive!"  I said.  "That second pink line, if there is any trace of a line at all means it's positive!"  Then he was happy and excited.  "Yeah!  It worked!  This is amazing!!!"  I had never thought out some special plan of how I was going to tell him, like giving him a present with some little booties and and "I love Daddy" shirt, or something like that, to surprise him.  I just yelled to him about three seconds after I saw the line, and that was that!

When we did the transfer we asked if we could get a picture of the embryos this time.  Dr. Indifferent said "We don't take pictures, but you can take a picture off the screen if you like, on your camera phone."  So we got a picture of our 2 embryos, which look like two little bubbles of water.  We thought they looked like poppy seeds (since we wanted both of them in the picture they zoomed out and that's how small they were).  So D and I named them "Poppy" and "Seedy".  Today we were rejoicing the Poppy and/or Seedy were still with us!

We worked some more in the garden today.  We put in a bunch of annuals, so it looks more colourful.  It really looks great!  So that's it for gardening for a while.  We are both tired of it, and we think it looks good enough!  We have fulfilled our quota of 2 days of gardening per year. 

I have to go for my next Beta on Tuesday.  I hope it goes up to the appropriate level, which I guess is close to 1000 by then. 

I'm praying for Poppy and Seedy.  Good luck, guys! 

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